-When I was resident in Pavia University, I started my experience in neck surgical procedure, but at the beginner of the second year I was very interesting in endoscopic surgical procedure and it was so attractive for me that I fell more confidential in this surgical procedure and I decided to become rhinology and skull base surgeon.

-When I finished Italian ENT training I move from Pavia University to Varese Insubria University to complete my own experience in endoscopic surgical procedure. Nowadays I'm ENT consultant for endoscopic nasal surgical procedure and skull base surgery.

-From 1/2008 till 1/2011 Chief department for surgical procedure (day hospital, day surgery and 3 ENT Clinic).

-I'm rhinologist with clinical skills in endoscopic sinus surgery and surgical procedure in nose, paranasal sinus and skull base. (FESS, ESS, DCR, Draf procedure, Hadad Bassagasteguy flap...).

-Has my Own Labeled Patient which I preforms some minor Endoscpic surgical procedures under Local anesthesia such as Mini FESS (Unciectomy, Antrostomy, Frotal sinustomy and Sphenoidetomy)

-Teaching University's medical students, residents and fellow in our department. Participating and supervising Residents and Fellow in Basic Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and Skull Base surgery.

- I'm member of Italian society of otorinolaringology (S.I.O.) and Italian academy rhinology (I.A.R.)